What is NCERT Books for Class 6 Clarified

Explore the significance of "what is NCERT books for Class 6" in shaping quality education. These textbooks, developed by NCERT, offer comprehensive knowledge, ensuring students have a solid foundation for future academic endeavors and competitive exams.

NCERT, or the National Council of Educational Research and Training, plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of India. Among its many contributions, the role of NCERT books for Class 6 as a fundamental resource for students in the early stages of their academic journey stands out, answering the question of “what is NCERT books for Class 6.”

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into what NCERT books are, their significance, benefits, and their role in competitive exams. We will also provide information in Hindi for a broader audience. So, let’s embark on a journey to uncover the world of NCERT books for Class 6.

What is NCERT Books?

NCERT books are textbooks developed and published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), an autonomous organization established by the Government of India. These books are designed to provide standardized and high-quality educational materials to students across the country. NCERT books are available for various classes, including Class 6.

What is NCERT Books for Class 6?

NCERT books for Class 6 are specifically tailored to the needs and capabilities of students in the 6th grade. They cover a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, and more. These books are known for their structured and comprehensive content, making them an indispensable resource for students and teachers alike.

What is NCERT Books for Class 6

Significance of NCERT Books for Class 6

  • Quality Education: NCERT books are renowned for their high-quality content. They are meticulously curated by experts in the respective fields and are aligned with the latest educational standards. This ensures that students receive a strong foundational education.
  • Concept Clarity: The content in NCERT books is presented in a lucid and easy-to-understand manner. It helps students grasp fundamental concepts effectively, setting a strong base for more advanced learning in the future.
  • Uniformity: NCERT books are used as the primary textbooks in many schools across India. This uniformity in curriculum ensures that students from different regions receive the same level of education, reducing disparities in learning outcomes.
  • Preparation for Competitive Exams: NCERT books not only cater to school education but also play a crucial role in preparing students for competitive exams. They provide a solid foundation for various national and state-level examinations.

What is NCERT for Books Class 6 in Various Languages

What is NCERT Books in Hindi?

NCERT publishes its books in multiple languages, including Hindi, to cater to a diverse linguistic audience. For Hindi-speaking UPSC aspirants, this ensures accessibility to high-quality study materials.

What is NCERT Books in Telugu and Tamil?

Recognizing the importance of regional languages, NCERT has also translated its textbooks into languages such as Telugu and Tamil. This move empowers students in South India who prefer to study in their mother tongue.

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Where to Find NCERT Books

  • Obtaining Printed Copies
    Printed copies of NCERT books can be purchased from local bookstores, educational supply stores, or online retailers. Many schools also recommend or provide NCERT books to their students.
  • Digital Versions
    NCERT provides free digital versions of its textbooks on its official website, making it convenient for students to access these resources online. Additionally, several educational platforms offer NCERT book PDFs for download.

What is NCERT Books Class 6 Benefits

NCERT books for Class 6 offer numerous benefits to students:

  • Affordability: NCERT books are reasonably priced, making them accessible to a wide range of students, irrespective of their economic backgrounds.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: These books cover the entire syllabus for Class 6, leaving no gaps in knowledge. This comprehensive approach helps students gain a holistic understanding of each subject.
  • Supplementary Materials: NCERT also provides supplementary materials, including exemplar problems and solutions, which aid students in practicing and improving their problem-solving skills.
  • Teacher Support: NCERT books come with teacher’s manuals and guides, facilitating educators in delivering effective lessons and assessments.

NCERT Books for Competitive Exams

NCERT books are not limited to school education; they are also invaluable resources for students preparing for competitive exams. Here’s why:

  • Conceptual Clarity: Competitive exams often require a deep understanding of fundamental concepts. NCERT books lay a strong foundation in this regard.
  • Commonly Referenced: Many competitive exams, such as the UPSC Civil Services Examination, IIT-JEE, and NEET, frequently refer to NCERT books as primary study materials.
  • Language Proficiency: NCERT books enhance language proficiency, an essential skill for success in various competitive exams, especially those with language comprehension sections.

NCERT Books for Class 6: A Holistic Approach

NCERT books for Class 6 aim to provide students with a holistic education that encompasses not only academic knowledge but also values and life skills. These books promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, preparing students for the challenges of the modern world.


In conclusion, NCERT books for Class 6 are more than just textbooks; they are the building blocks of a child’s education. Their significance in providing quality education, fostering conceptual clarity, and preparing students for competitive exams cannot be overstated.

Whether in Hindi or any other language, NCERT books serve as a beacon of knowledge and a tool for empowerment. So, for Class 6 students and beyond, embracing NCERT books is a step towards a brighter future filled with endless opportunities.

FAQs Related to What is NCERT Books for Class 6

Q1: What does NCERT stand for?
A1: NCERT stands for the National Council of Educational Research and Training. It is an autonomous organization established by the Government of India to develop and publish educational materials.

Q2: What subjects are covered in NCERT books for Class 6?
A2: NCERT books for Class 6 cover a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and more.

Q3: Are NCERT books only for Class 6 students?
A3: No, NCERT books are available for various classes, from Class 1 to Class 12. Each class has its set of NCERT books designed to cater to the specific needs of students at that grade level.

Q4: Why are NCERT books considered important for students?
A4: NCERT books are considered important because they provide high-quality, standardized educational materials. They promote conceptual clarity and are widely used in schools across India, ensuring uniformity in education.

Q5: Can NCERT books for Class 6 help in competitive exams preparation?
A5: Yes, NCERT books serve as an excellent foundation for competitive exams. Many competitive exams, including UPSC, JEE, and NEET, refer to NCERT books for basic concepts.