NCERT Books for Classes I to XII

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an organization set up in 1961 by the Government of India. NCERT is involved in publishing the text books from Class I to Class XII used for CBSC Exam.  NCERT role is to assist and advise the Central and State Governments on policies and programmes for qualitative improvement in school education. Among all the state board of the country, 14 states have accepted the NCERT Text books in their academic curriculum.

NCERTBOOKS.INFO website is privately owned website (read privacy policy here)  with the sole intention is to guide online searchers to find NCERT Text Books available online, additionally website do not sell any NCERT Text Books online or offline. NCERT Text Books are published by Government of India and NCERT publications are distributed to schools and Bonafide retail booksellers through Wholesale Agents appointed by the Council in their respective States/ UTs. (for more information visit The National Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of India website at NCERT )

List of NCERT Textbooks for class I to class XII (English & Hindi)

Source:  (NCERT – In this Website goto Publication then goto List Of Publications)

  NCERT Books for Class I
1117Rimjhim Bhag I
2118Marigold Book I
3119Math Majic Book I
4120Ganit Ka Jadu Pustak I
5121Rain Drops Book I (Special Series )
  NCERT Books for Class II
6217Rimjhim II
7218Mari Gold II
8219Math Majic II
9220Ganit Ka Jadu II
10221Rain Drops Book II (Special Series )
  NCERT Books for Class III
11323Rimjhim Bhag III
12324Marigold Book III
13325Math Majic Book III
14326Ganit Ka Jadu Pustak III
15327Looking Around Book I
16328Aaspass Pustak I
  NCERT Books for Class IV
17423Rimjhim IV
18424Marigold IV
19425Math- Magic IV
20426Ganit Ka Jadu IV
21427Looking Around
22428Aaspass – EVS (Hindi)
  NCERT Books for Class V
23525Rimjhim V (Hindi)
24526Marigold V (English)
27529Looking Around
  NCERT Books for Class VI
29644Vasant Bhag I
30645Bal Ramkatha
31646Durva (Second Lng.)
32647Honey Suckle
33648A Pact with the Sun
34649Ruchira – Prathamo Bhag

39654Our past – History 
40655Hamara Atit – Itihas 
41656The Earth Our Habitate – Geogrophy. 
42657Prithvi Hamara Abhas – Bhugol 
43658Social and Political Life 
44659Samajik Aur Rajniti Jeevan 
  NCERT Books for Class VII 
45750Vasant II 
46751Bal Mahabharat Katha 
47752Durva – Second Lng. II 
48753Honey Comb – English 
49754An Alien Hand – Suppl.Eng 
50755Ruchira II – Sanskrit 
55760Our Past II – History 
56761Hamara Atiti II – Itihas 
57762Our Environment – Geogrophy 
58763Hamara Paryavaran – Bhugol 
59764Social and Political Life II 
60765Samajik Aur Rajniti Jeevan II 
  NCERT Books for Class VIII 
61846Vasant – Hindi 
62847Bharat Ki Khoj – Suppl. Hindi 
63848Durva – Second Lng. Hindi 
64849Honey Dew – English 
65850It So Happened – Suppl. English 
66851Ruchira III – Sanskrit 
71856Our Past III part I – History 
72857Hamare Aatit III Bhag I – Itihas 
73862Our Past III part II – History 
74863Hamare Aatit III Bhag II – Itihas 
75858Resourse & Development – Geogrophy 
77860Social & Political Life 
78861Samajik Aur Rajniti Jeevan 
  NCERT Books for Class IX 
80956Kritika – Hindi Suppl. 
81957Sparsh – 2nd Lang. Hindi 
82958Sanchayan Suppl. Hindi ( 2nd Lang.) 


83959Beehive – English Text 
84960Moments – English Suppl. Rdr 
85961Shemusi – Sanskrit 
90966India & Comtemprary World – History 
91967Bharat Aur Samakalin Vishwa – Itihas 
92968Contemprary India – Geogrophy 
93969Samakalin Bharat – Bhugol 
96972Democretic Politics 
97973Lokta0ik Rajniti 
  NCERT Books for Class X 
981055Khitij – Hindi 
991056Kritika – Hindi Suppl 
1001057Sparsh -2nd Lang. Hindi 
1011058Sanchayan – Suppl. Hindi ( 2nd Lang.) 
1021059First Flight – English Text 
1031060Footprints without Feet – English Suppl. Rdr 
1041061Shemusi II – Sanskrit 
1091066India & Contemporary World II – History 
1101067Bharat Aur Samakalin Vishwa II – Itihas 
1111068Contempropry India – Geogrophy 
1121069Samakalin Bharat – Bhugol 
1131070Understanding Economic Development – Economic 
1141071Arthik Vikas Ki Samajh – Arthashastra 
1151072Democratic Politics II 
1161073Lokta0ik Rajniti II 
  NCERT Books for Class XI 
11711066Aroh – Hindi Core 
11811067Vitan – Suppl.Hindi I ( Core ) 
11911069Antara – Hindi Lit. 
12011070Antaral – Suppl. Hindi Lit. I 
12111071Abhvyakti Aur Madhyam(Core & Lit Cl XI & XII) 
12211072Hornbill – English Core 
12311073Snapshot – Suppl. Eng Core 
12411074Owoen words – English Lit. 
12511075Sanskrit – Bhaswati 
12611116Sanskrit – Shaswati 


13011081Jeev Vigyan 
13111082Chemistry Part I 
13211083Chemistry Part II 
13311084Rasayan Vigyan Bhag I 
13411085Rasayan Vigyan Bhag II 
13511086Physics Part I 
13611087Physics Part II 
13711088Bhautik Bhag I 
13811089Bhautik Bhag II 
13911090Themes of World History 
14011091Vishva Itihas Ke Kuch Vishay 
14111092Fundamental of Physical Geo. 
14211093Bhautuk Bhugol Ke Mool Sidhant 
14311094India Phy. Environment 
14411095Bharat Bhautik Paryavaran 
14511096Prac.Work In Geogrophy 
14611097Bhugol Mein Prayogatmak Karya 
14711098Eco. Statistics 
14811099Arthashastra Mein Sankhiki 
14911100Indian Eco. Development 
15011101Bharatiya Arthvyavasta Ka Vikas 
15111102Indian Constitution at Work 
15211103Bharatiya sanvidhan Ka Karya 
15311117Pol. Theory part II 
15411118Rajniti – Siddhant Bhag II 
15511104Sociology Part I 
15611105Samajshastra Bhag I 
15711106Understanding Society Part II 
15811107Samaj Ka Bodh Bhag II 
15911108Business Studies 
16011109Vyavasaik Adhyayan 
16111110Accts Part I 
16211111Lekhashatra Bhag I 
16311112Accts Part II 
16411113Lekhashatra Bhag II 
16611115Manovigyan Ka Parichaya 
16711131Computers & Communication Technology Part I 
16811132Srijan I (Textbook in Creative Writing & Translation 
16911133Living Craft Tradition of India (Textbook in Heritage 
17011134The Story of Graphic Design 
17111136Human Ecology & Family Science Part I 
17211137Human Ecology & Family Science Part II 
17311138Bharatiya Hastakala Ki Paramparayen 
17411139Computers & Communication Technology Part II 


17511140Exploring the Craft Tradition of India 
17611141Graphic Design Ek Kahani Class XI 
17711142Bharatiya Hastakala Paramparaon Ki Khoj 
17811143Computer Aur Sanchar Pradyogiki Bhag I 
17911144An Introduction to Indian Art 
18011145Computer Aur Sanchar Pradyogiki Bhag II 
  NCERT Books for Class XII 
18112070Aaroh – Hindi Core 
18212071Vitan – Suppl.Hindi I ( Core ) 
18312072Antara – Hindi Lit. 
18412073Antaral – Suppl. Hindi Lit. I 
18512074Flemingo – English Core 
18612075Vistas – Suppl. Eng Core 
18712076Keladaiscope – English Lit. 
18812077Sanskrit – Bhaswati II 
18912078Sanskrit – Shaswati II 
19012079Mathematics Part I 
19112080Mathematics Part II 
19212081Ganit Bhag I 
19312082Ganit Bhag II 
19512084Jeev Vigyan 
19612085Chemistry I 
19712086Chemistry II 
19812087Rasayan Vigyan Bhag I 
19912088Rasayan Vigyan Bhag II 
20012089Physics I 
20112090Physics II 
20212091Bhautik I 
20312092Bhautik II 
20412093Thymes In Indian History Part I 
20512094Thymes In Indian History Part II 
20612125Thymes In Indian History Part III 
20712095Bharatiya Itihas Ke Kuch Ansh Bhag I 
20812096Bharatiya Itihas Ke Kuch Ansh Bhag II 
20912126Bharatiya Itihas Ke Kuch Ansh Bhag III 
21012097Fundamentals of Human Geogrophy 
21112098Manav Bhugol Ke Mul Sidhant 
21212099India People and Economy 
21312100Bharat – Log Aur Arthavyavastha 
21412101Prac.Work In Geogrophy 
21512102Bhugol Mein Prayogatmak Karya 
21712104Vyasthi Arthashastra 
21912106Samashti Arthashastra 
22012107Contemporary World Politics 


22112108Samakalin Vishwa Rajniti 
22212109Social Change in India 
22312110Bharat Mein Samajik Parivartan 
22412111Indian Society – Sociology 
22512112Bharatiya Samaj – Samajshastra 
22612113Business Studies I 
22712114Business Studies II 
22812115Vyavasaik Adhyayan I 
22912116Vyavasaik Adhyayan II 
23012117Accountancy I 
23112128Accountancy II 
23212127Accountancy III 
23312119Politics in India since Independence 
23412120Lekhashatra I 
23512121Lekhashastra II 
23612122Swata0a Bharat Mein Rajniti 
23812124Manovigyan Ka Parichaya 
23912133Craft Tradition of India (Textbook in Heritage Craft 
24012134Towards a New Age of Graphic Design Class XII 

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