Is NCERT the Same as CBSE? Unlocking the Truth in Greater Way

Is NCERT the Same as CBSE? While often confused, NCERT and CBSE are distinct entities in Indian education. NCERT focuses on curriculum development, while CBSE is a regulatory board. They collaborate to provide quality education, with CBSE often using NCERT materials. Understanding their differences is crucial for students and parents.

In the realm of Indian education, two prominent acronyms often create confusion among students, parents, and educators: NCERT and CBSE. “Is NCERT the Same as CBSE?” is a question that frequently arises in discussions about these two entities. These two entities play significant roles in shaping the educational landscape of the country, but they are not the same.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into what NCERT and CBSE are, how they are different, and how they complement each other. So, let’s get started by understanding the basics.

What is NCERT ?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) its an autonomous organization established by the Indian Government. Its primary objective is to assist and advise the central and state governments in the formulation and implementation of policies, programs, and schemes related to school education. NCERT also develops textbooks, instructional materials, and educational research to improve the quality of school education in India.

What is CBSE?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national-level board of education in India. It comes under the administrative control of the Ministry of Education, Government of India. CBSE is responsible for conducting examinations, prescribing the curriculum, and providing support materials for schools affiliated with it. The board conducts examinations for classes 10 and 12, including the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for Class 12.

Is NCERT the Same as CBSE
Nature and FunctionNCERT is an autonomous body primarily responsible for research and curriculum development. It does not conduct examinations or provide affiliations to schools.CBSE is a regulatory body that conducts examinations, prescribes the curriculum, and grants affiliations to schools. It ensures uniformity in education across affiliated institutions.
CurriculumNCERT develops and publishes textbooks and other educational materials for various subjects and classes. These textbooks are used by schools across different educational boards.CBSE adopts the curriculum developed by NCERT for its affiliated schools. Therefore, schools affiliated with CBSE often use NCERT textbooks.
ExaminationsNCERT does not conduct any board examinations or assessments. Its role is limited to curriculum development and research.CBSE conducts board examinations for classes 10 and 12, and its examination pattern and question papers are based on the curriculum derived from NCERT.
AffiliationNCERT does not provide affiliations to schools. It operates independently of school affiliations.CBSE grants affiliations to schools and monitors their compliance with CBSE guidelines.

How NCERT Is Related to CBSE?

  • Curriculum Development: NCERT designs the curriculum and develops textbooks, which are often adopted by CBSE-affiliated schools.
  • Curriculum Implementation: CBSE, in turn, implements the curriculum developed by NCERT in its affiliated schools. This ensures a standardized and quality education system.
  • Textbook Usage: CBSE schools frequently use NCERT textbooks as primary teaching materials, further reinforcing the connection between the two.

How CBSE and NCERT Relate and Complement Each Other?

  • Curriculum Synergy: CBSE adopts the curriculum developed by NCERT, ensuring a standardized and well-researched educational framework.
  • Quality Materials: NCERT’s textbooks and educational resources are widely used in CBSE-affiliated schools, benefiting millions of students.
  • Continuous Improvement: Collaboration between CBSE and NCERT allows for continuous refinement of educational content and assessment methods.

What are the Similarities between NCERT and CBSE?

  • Educational Excellence: Both organizations are committed to promoting excellence in education and improving the overall quality of the Indian education system.
  • Government Oversight: NCERT and CBSE operate under the auspices of the Indian government, adhering to its educational policies and goals.
  • Use of NCERT Textbooks: CBSE schools commonly use NCERT textbooks, emphasizing the alignment of their educational objectives.


In conclusion, NCERT and CBSE are not the same, but they are intricately connected in the Indian education system. NCERT, with its focus on research and curriculum development, provides the foundation upon which CBSE, as a regulatory body, builds its educational framework.

While their roles differ, their collaboration ensures a cohesive and quality education system that benefits students across the nation. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for students, parents, and educators navigating the Indian education landscape.

FAQs Related to “Is NCERT the Same as CBSE”

  1. Are NCERT and CBSE the same organization?
    Answer: No, NCERT and CBSE are not the same. NCERT is responsible for curriculum development and educational research, while CBSE is a regulatory body that conducts exams and grants affiliations to schools.
  2. Do CBSE schools exclusively use NCERT textbooks?
    Answer: CBSE schools often use NCERT textbooks as their primary teaching materials. While it’s not mandatory, the adoption of NCERT textbooks is widespread in CBSE-affiliated schools to maintain curriculum uniformity.
  3. Can a school be affiliated with NCERT or CBSE?
    Answer: No, neither NCERT nor CBSE affiliates schools. NCERT focuses on curriculum development and research, while CBSE grants affiliations and conducts board exams for schools that meet its criteria.
  4. Are NCERT and CBSE under the same government department?
    Answer: No, they are not. NCERT operates as an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Education, Government of India, while CBSE functions directly under the Ministry of Education.
  5. What is the relationship between NCERT and CBSE?
    Answer: NCERT and CBSE have a collaborative relationship. CBSE adopts the curriculum developed by NCERT, using its textbooks and educational materials. This collaboration ensures a standardized and high-quality education system in CBSE-affiliated schools.