What is NCERT Exemplar Book: Unlocking the Power of Comprehensive Knowledge

"What is NCERT Exemplar Book?" NCERT Exemplar Books are advanced study materials designed to enhance students' understanding of key subjects like Mathematics and Science. These books provide challenging problems and in-depth content, making them invaluable for competitive exam preparation and comprehensive learning.

In the world of education, NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) books hold a special place. These textbooks have been the cornerstone of the Indian education system for decades, providing students with a strong foundation in various subjects. However, there’s another gem in the NCERT arsenal that often goes unnoticed – the NCERT Exemplar Books.
So, what is NCERT Exemplar Book, and why is it worth exploring?

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of NCERT Exemplar Books, exploring what they are, their significance, benefits, and their role in competitive exams. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or an education enthusiast, understanding the NCERT Exemplar Books can enhance your learning experience and boost your exam preparation.

What is NCERT Books?

Before delving into old NCERT books, let’s first understand the basics. NCERT, which stands for the National Council of Educational Research and Training, is an autonomous organization of the Government of India. Its primary objective is to develop and publish textbooks and educational materials that promote high-quality learning across various educational boards in India.

What is NCERT Exemplar Book?

NCERT Exemplar Books, often referred to as “NCERT Exemplar Problems” or simply “Exemplar Books,” are a unique set of supplementary textbooks published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training. These books are designed to complement the standard NCERT textbooks and provide students with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of various subjects, particularly in science and mathematics.

What is NCERT Exemplar Book

The primary goal of NCERT Exemplar Books is to promote higher-order thinking skills among students. They are not meant to replace the regular NCERT textbooks but to supplement them with challenging exercises, advanced problems, and thought-provoking questions. These books are available for classes 6 to 12 and cover subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

What is the Significance of NCERT Books?

Before we dive into the specifics of NCERT Exemplar Books, let’s first understand the significance of NCERT books as a whole. NCERT books have been the backbone of the Indian education system for several reasons:

  • Standardized Content: NCERT books provide standardized content across the country, ensuring that students receive the same quality of education regardless of their location.
  • Clear and Concise: These books are known for their clarity and conciseness, making complex topics easy to understand for students of all levels.
  • Foundation Builder: NCERT books lay a strong foundation for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and UPSC, as they cover the essential topics comprehensively.
  • Aligned with Syllabus: The content in NCERT books is precisely aligned with the syllabus prescribed by various educational boards, making them an ideal resource for exam preparation.

In What languages NCERT Exemplar Books are Available

NCERT Exemplar Books are primarily available in two languages:

  • English: The majority of NCERT Exemplar Books are published in English, making them widely accessible to students across India.
  • Hindi: In addition to English, NCERT also publishes Exemplar Books in Hindi. This ensures that students who prefer to study in the Hindi medium have access to advanced study materials in their preferred language.

Please note: that the availability of Exemplar Books in other regional languages may be limited, and it’s advisable to check with local booksellers or the official NCERT website for specific language options for each class and subject.

What is NCERT Exemplar Book for Competitive Exams?

NCERT Exemplar Books play a pivotal role in competitive exam preparation, especially for students aiming to excel in subjects like Mathematics and Science. These books go beyond the traditional textbooks and are designed to challenge students’ problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills.
Here’s why NCERT Exemplar Books are indispensable for competitive exams:

  • In-Depth Coverage: NCERT Exemplar Books provide in-depth coverage of essential topics, ensuring that students have a strong conceptual understanding. This depth is crucial when tackling complex problems in competitive exams.
  • Advanced Problem Solving: The problems and exercises in Exemplar Books are known for their complexity. They prepare students for the challenging questions they are likely to encounter in competitive exams.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Success in competitive exams often comes down to practice. Exemplar Books offer a plethora of practice problems and questions to hone students’ skills and boost their confidence.
  • Supplement to NCERT Textbooks: While NCERT textbooks cover the basics, Exemplar Books take the learning experience a step further by introducing advanced concepts and problem-solving techniques.
  • Self-Assessment: Each chapter in NCERT Exemplar Books includes a variety of questions, including multiple-choice, short answer, and long answer questions. This allows students to assess their understanding and track their progress.

What is the Benefit of Using NCERT Exemplar Books?

  • Enhanced Conceptual Clarity: Exemplar Books help students develop a deeper and more profound understanding of the subject matter. This enhanced conceptual clarity can significantly improve their performance in exams.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: The challenging problems in Exemplar Books sharpen students’ problem-solving skills, which are essential for success in competitive exams and real-world scenarios.
  • Increased Confidence: Regular practice with Exemplar Books instills confidence in students, as they become accustomed to tackling complex problems. This confidence can be a game-changer in competitive exams.
  • Comprehensive Revision: When preparing for competitive exams, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive resource that covers all the necessary topics. Exemplar Books serve this purpose by offering a well-rounded review of subjects.
  • Better Exam Preparation: By using both NCERT textbooks and Exemplar Books, students can ensure that they are thoroughly prepared for their board exams as well as competitive entrance exams.


In conclusion, NCERT Exemplar Books are an indispensable resource for students preparing for competitive exams and seeking a deeper understanding of subjects like Mathematics and Science. These books, in addition to the standard NCERT textbooks, offer a comprehensive learning experience, challenging problems, and opportunities for self-assessment.

Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, doctor, or a student aiming for success in any field, integrating NCERT Exemplar Books into your study routine can make a significant difference in your academic journey. So, the next time you wonder, “What is NCERT Exemplar Book?” remember that it’s your key to unlocking the world of advanced learning and excellence in education.

FAQs Related to What is NCERT Exemplar Book

  1. What is an NCERT Exemplar Book?
    Ans: An NCERT Exemplar Book is a supplementary textbook published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It contains advanced problems and exercises designed to deepen students’ understanding of subjects like Mathematics and Science.
  2. How are NCERT Exemplar Books different from regular NCERT textbooks?
    Ans: NCERT Exemplar Books go beyond standard textbooks by offering more complex problems, in-depth content, and advanced concepts. They are meant to challenge students and enhance their problem-solving skills.
  3. Are NCERT Exemplar Books necessary for board exams?
    Ans: While not mandatory, NCERT Exemplar Books are highly beneficial for board exam preparation. They provide additional practice and a deeper understanding of key topics, which can boost your performance in exams.
  4. Do NCERT Exemplar Books cover all subjects and classes?
    Ans: NCERT Exemplar Books primarily focus on subjects like Mathematics and Science. They are available for classes 6 to 12. However, they may not be available for all subjects and classes.
  5. Where can I find NCERT Exemplar Books, and are they available in multiple languages?
    Ans: NCERT Exemplar Books can be purchased at bookstores or downloaded online. They are available in both English and Hindi, making them accessible to a wide range of students.