SSC Board Exam 2023 Date with TimeTable

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The SSC board exam 2023 date time table will begin on 2 March 2023. The English medium SSC board exam 2023 time table was announced by the board.

10th examination, which will commence on March 2 this year. After taking all of the relevant factors, the committee came to the conclusion that the 10th and 12th grade timetables ought to be finalized.

SSC Board Exams Dates are as follows

The final SSC Board exam date timetable will start on 2nd March 2023

This agenda was presented to the public on Friday 30th Dec 2023 by the board. The 10th exam two to It is scheduled to take place on March 2, as indicated by the exam.

The 12th exam will take place from February 21st to March 21st. The explanation was given by the board that it will take place during the month of March. 12th Exam Commencing on the 21st of February.

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The Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Examinations, which will be administered in March 2023 and were scheduled to be held on February 10th by the Board of Secondary Education, are as follows:
It has been decided, and it has been stated that it has been completed. According to the results of the tenth exam Beginning on February 2, the examination for the 12th grade will take place on 21 It will begin in February. It came from the meeting of the board.

The 10th and 12th grade Board Examinations are held in Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Amravati, Nashik, and Latur, in addition to the nine divisions that make up the Konkan region.

The board drafted this Board’s Probable Schedule of Examinations, which will be made available on the website beginning September 19 after it has been completed.

SSC Board Exam 2023 (Timetable and Date)

SSC Board Exam 2023 Date Timetable

SSC Board Exam Timetable

ssc board exam 2023 time table english medium

SSC Exam 2023 Timetable

SSC Exam timetble 2023

SSC Full Timetable 2023

SSC Exam 2023

Download SSC Board Exam 2023 Time Table pdf

Click here to download the full-time table

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In addition, by the association’s board of directors the need for instructions was expressed. The final version of these instructions, as specified by the date on which these tests are scheduled, have been published on this website under the name “”

Participants in the test registered on the website. One is able to view the agenda in its entirety. Additionally, the final product will be sent in printed form by the Board Timetable.

There has been talking about a potential timetable. There has not been a significant amount of change in it. The examination concessions that were granted the previous year have been revoked and made stricter.

State Secondary and Higher Secondary 10th conducted by Board- In February-March 2023 of C XII Exam dates announced have been given by the State Board February 21 to 21 as per schedule.

State Secondary and Higher Secondary 10th conducted by Board- In February-March 2023 of 12th for the month of March, followed by 2nd March 10th.

Both the Central Secondary Education Board (CBSE) and the State Secondary and Higher Secondary Board will be administering their respective exams on the same day. CBSE is also planning to join them.
The times and dates have been disclosed.

The Most Likely Timetable for State Board Examinations It had been made public earlier. Friday saw the release of the final schedule. Making preparations with “JEE” in mind Exams for the upcoming “JEE Mains” will be administered by both the State Board and the CBSE Board in consideration of the timetable. The event has been made publically known. ‘JEE’ Students who are interested in giving their 12th.

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Any disturbance caused by the examination, Full care was taken not to It has been confirmed by ‘CBSE.’ was taken into consideration. This year, 100 from the state board will be used for both tests that are scheduled to be held.

According to the percentage, the Corona syllabus will be in March of 2022. Observations and writings made in the background. A large number of accommodations were made for the students during the examinations. PUC, all of these price reductions have been eliminated.

It is now the responsibility of the students to draught the paper. Additionally, there will not be any additional time.

Which high school or junior college do you attend to write SSC Board Exams?

The pupils were attending the same school, which served as the hub of activity. Now we must also alter it. The time has arrived, and with it, changes are coming to the student centres this year. The schedule does not account for any additional days.

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