Ncert Books for UPSC and IAS

NCERT Books for UPSC and IAS – How to study ncert books for IAS? How to read ncert books for IAS preparation? Which NCERT books for UPSC to read? which ncert books to read for IAS? these are the most common questions that keep coming to mind of a UPSC and IAS aspirant.

NCERT Books for UPSC and IAS are very useful the reason being, when the individuals start to prepare for the Union Public Service Commission Examination UPSC, individuals try to collect the best study material for the preparation. They aim for getting success in the UPSC examination. In their preparation for the UPSC and IAS exam, NCERT books portray an important role. If you are having doubt in going for NCERT textbooks for all subjects then you are wrong. If still you are in the dilemma, then go through the following points.

NCERT books are the strong base to each topic as they ensure easy and smooth understanding of concepts. Always keep in mind that, NCERT books are the base for the UPSC IAS exams. So, from the beginning, experts recommend the NCERT textbooks. These books are easy to read and understand. NCERT books are written in an easy language which is easy to learn.

NCERT Books for UPSC

For every subject like Science, Fine Arts, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Geography, History and much more, one can refer NCERT books for learning the basic concepts. However, you need to read lots of NCERT books ranging from class 6th to class 12th. Focusing on the NCERT books for the following subjects will aid you in passing UPSC exam.

  • Fine Arts
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Science

Considering all these subjects from the NCERT books will take 2-3 months. But devoting this much time for NCERT books will assist you in clearing all your basics and fundamentals.  Just initiate your studies from books of Class 6th. Take one by one subject for learning the concepts and gradually proceed towards the next subject and then next class. Finally, you will complete all the NCERT books within few months.

Following are the set of NCERT Books for UPSC (English and Hindi)

Why are NCERT books important for UPSC and IAS Exam?

The NCERT books are the number one choice for the aspirants to start their preparation and get all the concepts clear in their mind. Here, we present some of the advantages of NCERT books for UPSC exam.

  • NCERT books breathe the ideal way to start your studies for UPSC IAS as in the civil services examination, lots of questions are asked from the NCERT textbooks. These books cover a significant part of the syllabus of UPSC in a concise way.
  • These NCERT books are available for all subjects and most importantly, these are written in simple language. Therefore, one will not encounter any difficulty in understanding it. The level in these books is very moderate and modest.
  • The NCERT books contain many examples along with illustrations to make the topics simple and understandable.
  • If one is comfortable in reading online, then they can download the NCERT books from the official website of NCERT.

NCERT Books for IAS

These books are essential for learning the basics about all the subjects. In fact, in Prelims these books are very important as many questions are framed from these books only. Therefore, NCERT books for UPSC exams are not doubtable.  After reading all the NCERT books, the aspirants can go for other reference books for the preparation of civil services exams.

Important NCERT Books for UPSC

One must go through all the books mentioned below to attain the level of success in UPSC exams:

  • For Economics
    • Economics: Class 9th
    • Understanding Economic Development: Class 10th
    • Indian Economic Development: Class 11th
    • Introductory Microeconomics: Class 12th
    • Introductory Macroeconomics: Class 12th
  • For History
    • Our Pasts I: Class 6th
    • Our Pasts II: Class 7th
    • Our Pasts III and IV: Class 8th
    • India & the Contemporary World I: Class 9th
    • India & the Contemporary World II: Class 10th
    • Themes in World History: Class 11th
    • Themes in Indian History I, Themes in Indian History II and Themes in Indian History III: Class 12th
  • For Geography
    • The Earth: Our Habitat: Class 6th
    • Our Environment: Class 7th
    • Resources & Development: Class 8th
    • Contemporary India I: Class 9th
    • 10th – Contemporary India II: Class 10th
    • Fundamentals of Physical Geography, 11th – India – Physical Environment: Class 11th
    • Fundamentals of Human Geography, 12th – India – People & Economy: Class 12th
  • Political Science
    • Democratic Politics I: Class 9th
    • Democratic Politics II: Class 10th
    • Indian Constitution at Work: Class 11th
    • Political Theory: Class 11th
    • Contemporary World Politics (8th – Environment & Natural Resources): Class 12th
    • Politics in India Since Independence: Class 12th

There are much more NCERT books for different subjects to get all the knowledge. During the learning sessions at the end of each chapter, you will get the exercises to test your knowledge and learning. But how will you know whether your answers are correct or not? It raises the need of NCERT Solutions for different subjects from classes I to XII.

How to study ncert books for IAS – Following book is the recommendation


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